We are pleased to announce the release of the updated Rowing Ireland Code of Conduct, which aligns with the Sport Ireland Code of Conduct released last year. This comprehensive document outlines the standards and expectations for behaviour and practices within our rowing community, every member, volunteer and supporter to ensuring a safe, respectful, and fair environment for all.

Integration with Club Affiliation Process

Starting this year, adherence to the new Code of Conduct will be integrated into the club affiliation process. This means that all clubs seeking affiliation with Rowing Ireland will be required to agree to and implement the standards outlined in the Code. This step is crucial in promoting a unified commitment to ethical and responsible conduct across all levels of our sport.

Additionally, with the rollout of our new membership system in Q1 2025, the membership management process will be streamlined. This will make it easier for members to join, renew, and engage with Rowing Ireland. By integrating the Code of Conduct into this system, we ensure that all members are aware of and committed to upholding our standards from the moment they join.

Looking Ahead

We believe these changes will significantly enhance the integrity and quality of our rowing community. By embedding the Code of Conduct into our affiliation and new membership processes, we are taking important steps to foster a positive, inclusive, and high-standard environment for all our athletes, coaches, officials, and supporters.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Rowing Ireland. We look forward to working together to uphold these standards and promote the best of our sport.

For more details, please refer to the full Rowing Ireland Code of Conduct available to download below.

This Code of Conduct was approved by the board at a Rowing Ireland board meeting held on the on 9th June 2024.