Bring your club together to enjoy a bit of joie de vivre this summer as all of Ireland prepares for the Paris Olympic Games, and Clubs irlandais d’aviron get ready to support our crews making history.

A great way to do that is to hold an Olympic Rowing Watch Party at your club. To make those events as festive as possible, Rowing Ireland will send a Watch Party Kit to every club that completes their Passport to Paris.

You’ll have eight different challenges to complete by July 20th so that you can receive your kit by the time the Olympic rowing events begin on July 27.

The eight challenges are easy and fun. All you have to do is photograph/video the challenge, post it to your club’s social media channels, and tag @Get_Rowing and @RowingIreland when you do (or we won’t know that you’re in on the fun!).

Pourquoi huit? Because eight is how many boats we have qualified for the Paris Games— a history – making achievement for Irish rowing.

Your Olympic Watch Party Kit will come with all sorts of fun swag that will help your members get into the spirit of the games. We aim to have something in the box for everyone at your club registered with Rowing Ireland.

The 8 Passport Stamps

These can be done in any order by any Rowing Ireland club or group of Irish rowing fans abroad! You can start on June 14, but you must finish all stamps by July 13, and only two challenges per week can be posted to your socials. These will also be posted on our social media and website:

1.Race two doubles against each other, with each crew made up of the club’s oldest and youngest rowers. Alternatively, run an erg relay race with a team made up of two of the youngest and two of the eldest rowers in your club. Try to finish in less than 8 minutes

2. A crew in France-themed deguisements, rowing 500 meters…. Oo la la!  

3. Une chasse au trésor en francais! – A photograph of the following eight items together:

  • Rameur avec ses cheveux bien attachés​
  • Le cox box
  • Bouteille de crème solaire​
  • Gilet de sauvetage
  • Boutielle d’eau pleine​
  • Le radio/walkie-talkie
  • Une ampoule propre et seche
  • Trousse de premiers secours

4. Un rameur/une rameuse doing a ravitaillier en bonne santé between le ampoule at une régatehead.

5. Eight Degrees of Separation from an Olympian—trace your club to one of our Olympians in exactly 8 steps (write it down, photograph it, post it). Keep your eyes on Rowing Ireland’s social media for the crew announcement later this month!

6. All club launches lined up, with coaches holding each launch’s safety bag.

7. Rowers creating the Olympic Rings.

8. Responsable de sécurité du club avec le règlement de sécurité du club..

Remember that you can post only 2 challenges per week, and that you must finish by July 20th.

Bonne chance!