Child Safe in Sport Week

Keeping your Child Safe in Sport is a national, year-round campaign run by the NSPCC Child Protection in Sports Unit. Rowing Ireland are proud to support this campaign which aims to raise awareness of the important role adults, coaches and parents play in keeping children safe and happy in sport.

Alongside the year-round campaign, a focus week takes place during the first week of October to
highlight the campaign and launch new resources and guidance for parents and carers. This focus
week brings to life the campaign messages with stories from parents, young people, and coaches.
As part of the campaign, parents are asked to think and learn about 3 key areas of being involved in
their child’s sport:

Getting involved
From showing an interest in the rules of the game to post-game support and the occasional bit of
cheerleading, we know that children enjoy sport the most when parents are engaged in what they

Being supportive:

The rises and falls of sport and achievement can be an emotional experience for children and it’s
important that the adults around them can support them in a positive way. Negative feedback from
adults can take the enjoyment out of sport for children. Equally, positive feedback can help them
to celebrate success and stay active and engaged with sport.

Keeping children safe:
Understanding the safeguards that should be in place in all sports is vital. All parents and carers
should feel empowered with the knowledge of what makes a sport club safe for their child to enjoy,
how to spot poor practice or abuse and who to turn to if they do have worries about their child or
anyone else in sport.

To celebrate this year’s campaign, the NSPCC CPSU will be launching a brand-new video resource
called “My No.1 Fan” which will feature real families, talking about what positive parental behaviour
and support means to them and how negative behaviour can impact children’s enjoyment of sport.
As well as this new film, the NSPCC CPSU hosts a wealth of resources and information for parents
and carers on their Parents’ Hub, including a free e-learning course on keeping children safer in
sport, videos, podcasts, and factsheets.
To find out more about being your child’s biggest supporter and how to get involved with the
campaign, visit