A message to clubs from Cork Regatta Committee:

Cork Regatta Committee had a meeting and a consultation with Met Eireann regarding the weather
on Saturday and Sunday. The wind speed at 07:00 on Saturday is 20kph and is steadily increasing to
26kph at 19:00 with gusts in excess of 40kph. The wind direction is a south, south – westerly moving
to a southerly direction. This means that the wind is cross tail moving to a cross wind which is unsafe
in any way for rowing.

The situation on Sunday is much the same as Saturday with the wind moving to a west south westerly with a wind speed from 24kph at 07:00 to 29kph at 16:00 with gusts again in excess of 40kph. A lot of preparations along with weekly meetings have taken place in the last few weeks in order to get Cork Regatta up and running for 2023. It is with great regret that we now have to cancel the event. This is being done in the interest of safety and wellbeing of the competitors, coaches, volunteers, and the committee.

To say that we are disappointed is an understatement and any decision like this is never taken lightly.
Cork Regatta is a premier event on the Rowing Ireland calendar and we always strive to hold a regatta that is safe, competitive, and fun. It is an event that is enjoyed by everyone.

On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank each of you for your entry and commitment to Cork
Regatta. We would also like to wish your clubs well with your preparations for this year’s Championship Regatta which will be held in the coming weeks.

For any entry fees that have been paid, a refund will be arranged in the next days.

Yours in rowing,

James Moroney
Regatta Secretary

The Home International Committee will discuss a new date for Home International trials and let athletes and coaches know asap