The countdown is now on for 2023 1k Classic, with the entries officially closed last night at 7pm. The event has been expanding in the last number of years and this reflects the very positive and healthy participation in this sector of Irish Rowing. In this years 1k classic there has been 5 new, competitive events added to the racing schedule including the Mixed Masters 8+.

Last years event entailed a very full day of racing, and now with the previously mentioned 5 extra events that are to be incorporated into this years racing, the spectacle will be full, fast and furious throughout come July 1st. 

This event caters for the Junior crews from the under 15 years categories all the way down to under 13, girls and boys. The other half of this innovative competition caters for the masters rowers, men and women from age 28 upwards. There has been great growth in this category of rowing in recent years and this is very evident in this year’s 1K entry.  Rowing Ireland is very satisfied with this area of progress as it has opened up the sport to a whole new audience. 

The 1k Classic is an important event for Irish Rowing because it puts the spotlight on different categories of Rowers and gives them a chance to compete at the National Rowing Center.

Remember if you have crews racing for the first time remind them to have the following practiced:

  • Backing up onto the start (there are big singles entries and scullers and all crews will need to get onto start efficiently
  • Repaint your oars in club colours
  • Have your club gear and colours ready
  • Straightening up boats at the start (when practicing starts with your crews make sure they know how to align the boat and have it straight at the start)
  • Have plenty of change of wet gear and sun screen (we are in Ireland so we need to prepare for all weather)
  • Water and refuel