Day two of the Irish Rowing Championships 2023 kicked off bright and early at 6:30 am, as organisers anticipated high winds in the forecast from midday onwards.

The morning began with an exciting catch-up session, allowing participants to make up for the races that had been postponed in the preceding days due to adverse weather conditions.

Despite the early start, the rowers displayed unwavering determination and enthusiasm as they took to the water. The atmosphere was electric, with spectators lining the banks, filling picnic benches and glued to the big screen and live commentary. As the day progressed, the wind started to pick up, reinforcing the decision to prioritise earlier races. The event showcased the resilience and adaptability of both athletes and organisers, ensuring that the Irish Rowing Championships continued smoothly, while keeping safety as the top priority.

Spectators once again enjoyed live racing from Upshot media and Rowing Ireland broadcasters led by Brian (Richie) Richardson. Racing included live drone footage and a big screen entertainment. The newly opened Finish line Café was kept busy with healthy snacks for members and spectators alike.

The Women’s Senior Quad event witnessed a remarkable performance by the UL Rowing Club. Anna Liffey Rowing Club shone brightly in the Women’s Intermediate 2- The Men’s Intermediate Single event showcased an incredible performance by Joe Tanner from UL. The Women’s Novice Coxed 4x race was a spectacle to behold, with DULBC. St. Michaels Rowing Club from Limerick left a lasting impression in the Men’s Junior 18 A 4x- event. The team’s determination, precision, and teamwork were on full display as they powered their way to victory.

Tomorrow will be a fully packed day starting at 6:30am and finishing at 5:15pm. We want to thank all our clubs for their incredible patience and perseverance with the conditions and our Championships committee who have ensured despite every challenge thrown at them.