Tracker is Rowing Irelands online membership system which allows club secretaries and members to keep track of points and events throughout the year. The process of becoming an affiliated club of Rowing Ireland requires board approval and once this has gone through, the club must act under the rules of Rowing Ireland which agreed by all clubs at the Annual General Meeting. On the 6th of May, new rules voted in by the clubs came into effect on the Tracker system. These rule changes can be found attached below. 

Club Secretaries

Each club has their own tracker account. Once the club’s affiliation to Rowing Ireland has been confirmed appropriately, an account will be created and a password can be issued once confirmation of payment has been received. There are a number of functions which a Club Secretary can carry out on Tracker, namely:  

  • Register New or Re-registering existing rowers with Rowing Ireland.  
  • Enter Regattas  
  • Enter Heads of the River (HOR) races  
  • Review Transactions for club financial record purposes

For new registrations, status sheets need to be sent to Once the status of this rower has been confirmed, points will be adjusted on the rowers account accordingly with the help of the Domestic Events Committee. All queries relating to points and changes within Tracker will also be discussed with the Domestic Events Committee to ensure fairness within the sport and will be upheld as per the rules agreed by all the clubs. 

Regatta Secretaries 

The process for the regatta secretary is the same as the club secretary. Once the club’s event has been confirmed and the event licence fee paid, an account will be created and a password can be issued.

There are a number of functions which a Regatta Secretary can carry out on Tracker, namely: 

  • Edit Regatta Details – basic contact info, start date, declaration on/off, etc  
  • Add, Edit or View Regatta Events – setting up and managing individual events within the Regatta  
  • Add Information about the regatta for Club Secretaries (directions, draws, prospectus, safety information, etc)  
  • View and manage entries – including overseas entries
  • Update, view and submit Regatta results. 

The closing date for entries to all regattas or heads of the river shall be the Wednesday week prior to the regatta or head of the river at 19.00 hrs. Entries shall not be accepted after the official closing of entries. This is as per the rules agreed by all clubs.

Overseas events 

Clubs planning on attending an Overseas Event must submit, at least ten days prior to the event, the relevant information to the Rowing Ireland office for each crew representing that club at that event. All regatta victories must be notified to the office within 14 days of the event. Should it subsequently be discovered that a win was not notified within this period, the Club may be subject to a fine by the Disciplinary Officer. This process is as per the rules agreed by the clubs. 

The overseas event permission form can be downloaded from the international events section of the website HERE

It is the responsibility of each club member and each athlete to ensure that their points are correct and up to date. It is advisable that Rowing Ireland are contacted should there be a points error. The Tracker system was specifically designed for Rowing Ireland and at present we are working with a number of companies regarding its upgrade.

For more information on how to use tracker please view the tracker manual from the link found HERE or contact