Please find below a provisional invitation to the upcoming May trials held at the NRC from 23rd-29th May. Please note invitations are based on several factors, including water trials and physiological results from the various erg tests submitted throughout the year. This list will be confirmed following the submission of next week’s 2k erg tests. 

Senior Women 

  1. Fiona Murtagh (NUIG) 
  2. Emily Hegarty (UCC)
  3. Tara Hanlon (UCC) 
  4. Natalie Long (Lee Valley RC) 
  5. Zoe Hyde (Killorglin) 
  6. Aifric Keogh (DULBC) 
  7. Eimear Lambe (OCBC)
  8. Alison Bergin (Fermoy) 
  9. Sanita Puspure (OCBC)*
  10. Monika Dukarska (Killorglin)*

Senior Lightweight Women 

  1. Margaret Cremmen (UCC) 
  2. Aoife Casey (UCC) 
  3. Lydia Heaphy (Skibbereen 
  4. Cliodhna Nolan (NUIG)* 

U23 Lightweight Women 

  1. Samantha McCormick (QUBC)
  2. Niamh Coffee (UL)
  3. Aine O’Mahony (Fermoy)

Junior Women

  1. Holly Davis (Lee Valley)
  2. Lauren Mcarthy Steele (Skibbereen)
  3. Anna Keating (Shannon)
  4. Moya Knowles (Skibbereen)
  5. Kate Reidy (Lee)
  6. Kelly Oforji (skibbereen)
  7. Ayla O’Neil (Kenmare)
  8. Alannah O’Donohoe (Sligo)
  9. Amy Barret (New Ross)
  10. Elenore Feeney (Carlow)
  11. Ranya Praxmar (Galway Rowing Club)

Senior Men 

  1. Ross Corrigan (QUBC) 
  2. Ronan Byrne (UCC)
  3. Philip Doyle (QUBC)
  4. Daire Lynch (Clonmel/Yale) (O.S) 

Senior Lightweight Men

  1. Paul O Donovan (UCC)
  2. Fintan McCarthy (Skibbereen)
  3. Gary O Donovan (UCC)
  4. Jake McCarthy (UCC)

U23 Men 

  1. John Kearney (UCC) 
  2. Andrew Sheehan (Lee) 
  3. Adam Murphy (Shandon) 
  4. Ryan Spelman (UL) 
  5. Nathan Timoney (QUBC) 
  6. Konan Pazzaia (QUBC) 
  7. Brian Colsh (NUIG) 
  8. Tom Kelly (NUIG) 
  9. Jack Dorney (Shandon/Harvard) (O.S)

U23 Lightweight Men 

  1. Hugh Moore (QUBC) 
  2. Ciaran Purdy (QUBC) 
  3. Donnacha Keeley (Clonmel)

Junior Men 

  1. Ronan Gibbon (New Ross)
  2. Ciaran O Sullivan (Lee)
  3. Shane Rafferty (SMRC)
  4. Christopher O Donovan (Skibbereen)
  5. James Young (Cork Boat Club) 
  6. Zach Meehan (Athlone) 
  7. Fergus Bryce (CGS) 
  8. Ronan O’Hara Nolon (Sligo)


  1. Katie O Brien
  2. Steven McGowan

*Trial invitation subject to 2K erg test*

A small number of additions can be included at the discretion of the HPD based on the May 2k erg test. 

Clubs must support their athletes by providing double sculls (or 4- for sweep) for day 2. (Athletes who do not have crew boats for this trial will not be able to be included in crew boat testing). 

Lightweights, please study the required bodyweight for this event published on the RI website in the high-performance section.