Please find the message below regarding some research being conducted by UCC Coach David Breen.

As part of my MSc Thesis titled ‘Specific Dietary Practices in Rowers and their association with Disordered Eating, I am looking for rowers aged between 15* and 30 years to complete a short survey. The survey is comprised of 3 parts:

1.       General information

2.       Dietary practices

3.       Disordered eating screen for athletes

The short survey will take roughly 10 minutes to complete, and all information provided by participants in this research project will be strictly confidential.

This research aims to further our knowledge of the dietary practices of rowers and investigate if there is an association between dietary adherence and disordered eating. It also aims to investigate the prevalence of disordered eating in rowers.

I would greatly appreciate any competitive rowers filling out my survey as well as sharing it amongst your own training circles. The survey can be found at the below link:


Any questions or concerns about this research can be directed to

*Any individuals who are under 18 will be required to gain parental consent before completing the survey.