Rowing Ireland is delighted to announce a new partnership with Sanity System ( as the official sanitisation solution for the Irish Rowing Team. 

Sanity System is an air and surface Sanitisation system proven to eliminate COVID-19 to 99.9%. The system can be used in vehicles and rooms and will provide a solution to keep the athletes safe while training and travelling.

The partnership has enabled the High-Performance Team to be provided with state-of-the-art High-Grade Eco-Friendly Sanitisation Equipment to help them train and travel safely. The funding will also part-fund the acquisition of a new team vehicle to transport the team and boats around Europe for training and competition.

This is an important year for Irish Rowing as there are several international competitions taking place before the Olympics in July 2021. The partnership with Sanity System is important for the team’s preparation in a safe manner and supports the performance of our High-Performance athletes.

Rowing Ireland’s High-Performance Director, Antonio Maurogiovanni said, “Our High-Performance Team need to perform at an elite level and Sanity System as a licensed and trusted Sanitisation System will help our athletes to travel and train safely, especially with the ever-present risk of COVID-19.

Rowing Ireland’s Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Carpenter, said, “We are proud to welcome Sanity System as one of our new title partners in what will be an exciting year for Irish Rowing. The level of service, professionalism and knowledge displayed by the Sanity System team here in Ireland is a great support to Team Ireland in preparing for the Tokyo Olympics and other competitions during 2021.

Protecting our athletes and staff from Covid-19 is a key risk for us right now. Sanity System is proven to eliminate COVID-19 and was warmly welcomed by staff and athletes when we introduced the system.

We are committed to ensuring the importance of good sanitisation, particularly in our home at the National Rowing Centre. We are delighted to work with Sanity System, a partner to help all our athletes prepare for such a significant year in the safest environment possible.”

David Byrne, Managing Director of Sanity System Ireland commented “Sanity System has been providing specialist sanitisation equipment to High Performance/Elite athletes and teams for the past number of years such as Ex Formula 1 Driver Giancarlo Fisichella and we are delighted with the opportunity to help Team Ireland in achieving their ambitions and compete at the elite level in 2021”.

About Sanity Systems

Sanity System is an Italian company which provides specialist portable Sanitisation equipment to eliminates COVID-19 as well as MRSA ad E.coli. Sanity System has been providing Medical Grade Sanitisation Equipment since 2008 to governments businesses, emergency services, businesses, and schools. The Company launched its Irish operations in 2018 and had a firm foothold in Ireland prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. In the past 12 months sales of Sanity System has increased exponentially as the demand for proven and licenced sanitisation equipment has increased.

Sanity System is now widely used in Ireland by Emergency Services, Garda Siochana, Nursing homes, HSE, Automotive brands, schools, creches, and many small and large businesses throughout Ireland as they seek to protect staff, visitors, students, and customers.

Sanity System’s machines are available to rent or buy and come in different sizes that can be used for rooms and vehicles. The machines saturate the area to be treated with ozone gas, a scientifically proven method of killing bacteria and viruses.

Sanity System is independently tested to be 99.9% effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID19.

Sanity Systems is based in Mulhuddart, Dublin and cater for all types of businesses visit They can be contacted on 01 685 5152 or by email on