After three very successful powerboat Level Two training courses attended by 17 Rowing Ireland volunteers, our new safety launch is ready to be used at upcoming regattas. The first regatta the
safety launch will be seen at is the upcoming two-day Cork Regatta to be held at the National Rowing
Centre in Cork on the 24th and 25th of July. After this the safety launch will be used at the 1K Classic, the Irish Rowing Championships, the Home Internationals in Lough Rinn and the Irish Coastal Championships at Loughros point and the Irish Coastal Rowing Championships (fixed seat) at the NRC.

We had a tremendous response from interested members with over 30 volunteers putting their
names forward to become members of the safety crew. We ran three courses for volunteers, two in
Killaloe Co. Clare and one in Arklow Co. Wicklow. The first course was run for interested members
that had no formal training in powerboat driving. The other volunteers that have existing experience
and qualification will get a chance to familiarize themselves with the launch over the coming weeks.
All the volunteers that put their names forward have made themselves available to crew the launch
at upcoming events. Crew members come from all corners of the country and from all aspects of our

Funding for this safety launch came in the form of a grant from Sport Ireland and it is envisaged that
the safety launch will be made available to regattas around the country that are struggling to get safety cover for their regattas.

We would like to thank all those that have volunteered to become members of the safety crew and
thank them for their time and interest in making this exciting venture one that will benefit all
members of Rowing Ireland and help to further improve safety at our many events.

Look out for the safety launch at upcoming events come and speak to the crew and if you are
interested in becoming a volunteer member of the Rowing Ireland Safety Crew contact Pat at

With the support of our volunteers and the assistance of Sport Ireland, this Rowing Ireland initiative
will help support clubs and events for future years to come.