Michelle Carpenter, along with her Father-in-law David and cherished children Sorcha, Luc, Cuan, and Saul, want to express their deepest gratitude to the entire rowing community. Your overwhelming outpouring of love and support throughout this exceptionally challenging month has touched our hearts in ways words cannot adequately convey.

The kindness and compassion demonstrated by those within Rowing Ireland and beyond to the World Rowing community have been unparalleled. From those who traveled to join us in commemorating Chris’ wonderful life to those who reached out through calls, letters, cards, and flowers, your collective support has been a source of solace and strength during this exceptionally difficult time. 

Your unwavering solidarity serves as a profound testament to the resilience and love that binds the rowing community, both near and far. We are profoundly grateful for the warmth and unity that has embraced us, turning a challenging period into a shared journey of support and healing. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for being a pillar of strength for our family during these trying times.  Chris dedicated time and love to the sport of rowing selflessly and he would be forever grateful to the support shown from the rowing family to the most important people in his life.