Water Trial: January 27th – 28th

An updated invitation list for the U19 and U23 trial invitations can be found below. 

We are currently monitoring the weather, and an update will be provided on Thursday.

The NRC will be open on Friday from 3-6 pm for boats to be dropped. Training on the lake is subject to weather conditions.  The NRC will close at 7 pm 


  • Clubs are asked to support their athletes by providing 2x/- and 4x/-  (Athletes that do not have crew boats for this trial will not be in a position to be included in crew boat testing)
  • Times will be confirmed once entry is confirmed.
  • Please note that an invitation to Sunday racing may be subject to Saturday’s performance.
  • Lightweights, please study the required body weight for this event published on the RI website in the high-performance section.
  • If crews must be scratched, Coaches are asked to email michael.orourke@rowingireland.ie by Friday 26th no later than 3pm