All Rowing Ireland members are subject to the Anti-Doping Rules and everyone has a responsibility to ensure that they are aware of them.

Over the next four weeks, we will be releasing four different educational Anti-Doping videos to promote a clean and healthy environment for all of our athletes. These videos will be put into the Anti-doping section of our website HERE along with other resources. These videos will focus on –

  1. What is Doping?
  2. Medications and Therapeutic Use Exemptions
  3. Supplements and Supplement Use
  4. What happens in a Drug Test?

This weeks video is titled ‘What is Doping?’. It looks at the definition of Doping, the Anti-Doping rule violations and the sanctions an athlete/coach will receive if they participate in any of these Anti-Doping rule violations.

Make sure to pause to read if you need! Contact our Anti-Doping Officer, if you have any questions.