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Club details

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COVID-19 protocol compliance

Has your club appointed a COVID-19 Compliance Officer?(Required)
Have your registered COVID-19 Officers undertaken relevant training through Sport Ireland?(Required)
has your club completed a COVID-19 Risk Assessment before returning to rowing?(Required)
Is your club adhering to Rowing Ireland COVID-9 Return to Rowing protocols?(Required)

Club governance

Did your club take part in Rowing Ireland's Governance Workshop?(Required)
Did you have a succession plan in place for your club comittee and in particular officers?(Required)
Is your club familar with the Governance Code of Ireland and plan to implement its findings?(Required)
Does your club have juvenile members? (Those under 18 years of age)(Required)
Has your club appointed a designated Safeguarding Officer?(Required)
Has your club completed its child risk assessment?(Required)
Has your club got a child safeguarding statement in place?(Required)
Are all relevant personnel coaches/volunteers within the club Garda vetted?(Required)

Club finance

Outline of sought funding

In this section, please provide details of how much your club is applying for.

Other COVID-19 funding sources

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Supporting information

It is recommended that applicants complete this section and provide supporting documentation to provide more context on their current situation. Please note that any supporting documentation which you wish to submit with this application should be emailed to

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