Please see below for the updated invitation list for the upcoming trials to be held at the NRC on the 17th and 18th of February. Please note that invitations are based on several factors, including completion of 2k erg testing at the National Indoor championships or at the National Rowing Centre, physiological results from all erg monitoring throughout the year, and recent international performances.   

Any coach that strongly believes they have an athlete that should be on this list is asked to nominate their athlete by Friday, February 10th, giving the reasons for their nomination while considering the erg benchmarks and standards required for selection at World Championship level (or medal winning Coupe).   

Nominations will only be accepted from coaches of athletes that have met all the compulsory selection criteria/testing to date, and that are happy to strongly support the athlete concerned. There will be further opportunities for athletes not on this list to trial for the Home International Regatta later in the year.

Provisional Plan

  • Friday – Arrival, rigging and briefing.
  • Saturday – AM 6k time-trial in small boats (1x/2-) or as otherwise advised; PM 6k TT or 2k trial (TBC).
  • Sunday – AM 2k; PM 2k (In crew boats or as decided based on Saturday results and other data). 

Please note that progression from race to race is subject to results and other data at the discretion of the HPD and head coaches. 

Clubs must support their athletes by providing double sculls (or 4- for sweep) for day 2. (Athletes that do not have crew boats for this trial will not be guaranteed to be included in crew boat testing on day 2). 

Club coaches are strongly encouraged to come along with their invited athletes.

Each day’s schedule will be confirmed once the final entry has been confirmed. 

Athletes may be asked to scull or sweep at the discretion of the HPD based on results and crew formations.

Invited athletes must race in their club colours.

Only athletes registered with a Rowing Ireland affiliated club will be eligible to race.

The Lightweight’s required bodyweight for this event is published on the RI website in the high-performance section.

Coaches are asked to confirm their athlete’s attendance and whether they will race in a single or a pair if they have not done so already, by emailing by 5pm Friday, February 10th.