Row MoJo, now available on Greenblades. 

The RowMoJo Manual, developed by the Women’s Sport Network, is now available to purchase on the Green Blades website. 

Row Mojo provides a guide for coaches, parents, guardians, and for the athletes themselves, to develop and become strong, robust, confident athletes that can manage the physical and emotional demands of rowing. It is predicated on developing ‘Physical Literacy’ as well as addressing some of the issues that have proven as a reason for dropout in sport by young girls. This manual should be used to foster discussion and understanding between coaches, parents and athletes.

Rowing Ireland endeavours to tackle this issue of female dropout of sport and help clubs support teenage girls to stay involved. 

A recent webinar, now available on the Rowing Ireland YouTube channel, highlights the motivations and barriers to girls involvement in sport and some tips to create a team culture that keeps girls involved. No doubt similar initiatives will help with your boys’ teams also! 

To complement this webinar the Row MoJo booklet has now been posted to each affiliated club. We hope that this guide is kept in a place in the club, which is accessible to coaches and athletes, and those coaches and athletes are made aware of its presence. 

For coaches, athletes or parents that want to have a copy for themselves, the Row MoJo booklets are available to purchase from the Greenblades online shop, at a cost that covers printing and postage. It is also available in online format. 

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