What is the latest plan for easing of restrictions?

The latest regulations do not change social distancing. Clubs can currently offer outdoor training subject to restrictions, limited indoor training, and limited events.

The restrictions on school activity during certain times may vary and school clubs should check Department of Education and school guidance. The guidance in this update refers to sporting activity.

Currently, from 31 May:

  • Activity for Elite athletes can continue as before. 
  • The return to sport protocols put in place by sports governing bodies should be strictly adhered to including hygiene measures, social distancing and other mitigations.
  • Any behaviour which may encourage the risk of transmission around sports activities, such as car sharing, should be avoided. 
  • Clubs are expected to nominate a COVID Leader and to consider what sanctions can be imposed on any breaches of guidance.
  • In guidance we need to wear a face covering where 2 metre social distance cannot be maintained, or 1m where not face to face in boats.
  • indoor group exercise and training is allowed (numbers informed by venue) and the full return of outdoor sport (with no overall limit at outdoor sporting events from 5 July). A risk assessment is necessary for gatherings over 30 people outside, or over 15 inside.
  • Limited use of indoor facilities associated with outdoor sport and events, is also allowed. (e.g. Briefing, and use of changing rooms).
  • The organiser must also take all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of the coronavirus.
  • A person responsible for organising a gathering must, if requested to do so by a relevant person, provide a copy of the risk assessment and an account of the reasonable measures taken
  • Schools are permitted to join in events
  • No limit on travel within NI to train or go to an event
  • follow guidance for travel within the Common Travel Area.  Details are at https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/coronavirus-covid-19-travelling-within-common-travel-area
  • contact details must be taken and retained
  • competitive indoor sport is allowed (subject to risk assessment and appropriate mitigations). 
  • We cannot police all this effectively alone, and need clubs to take responsibility. We hope that clubs will see this as realistic and manageable.

Is multi-household crew rowing allowed?

This is allowed now, as rowers are generally not face to face, and can remain a fixed distance apart in the boat. Just one protocol is now in place: In stern coxed boats if stroke and cox are from different households the cox is advised to wear a face covering and/or visor, when afloat.