We are committed to supporting our members, coaches and clubs to reach their potential and to achieve their goals in a safe and healthy way. Following our recent “Go with the Flow” webinar we are asking all of our female rowers to complete a short screening questionnaire that assesses energy availability1. The screening will help to identify anyone who is at risk of low energy availability2, which can increase your risk of injury, illness, and poor bone health.

This is a really important topic for anyone who is physically active, not just high-performance athletes. When the survey has closed you will receive your own individual results, while the group results will help us to shape future webinars, resources, and coach education materials to make sure that we provide our clubs and members with the right support.

To be eligible for the screening you should be:

  • Female
  • Regularly active (>2.5 hrs per week)
  • Aged 18yrs+
  • Not pregnant, diagnosed with a chronic illness, or menopausal

Click here to complete the screening questionnaire

There are 25 questions and it will take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions please contact Leanne Varley, Club Support Nutritionist via leanne.varley@rowingireland.ie.


  1. 1. Energy availability is the amount of energy you have available for growth, development, and normal bodily function after the energy required for exercise has been deducted.
  2. 2. Low energy availability occurs when someone doesn’t have enough energy to support these functions as well as their exercise or training.