A reminder to all clubs participating in overseas events. These are the rules of Rowing Ireland and it is important for clubs to remember and follow these rules to prevent penalties.

        2.41 Victories Outside Ireland

 The Secretary of any affiliated club wishing to compete outside Ireland must apply for permission before entering the event. Only paid-up registered members of Rowing Ireland may be included in such crews. Failure to do so may result in a fine being imposed by the Disciplinary Officer. 

All regatta victories must be notified to the office within 14 days of the event. Should it subsequently be discovered that a win was not notified within this period, the Club may be subject to a fine by the Disciplinary Officer. In the event of a recurrence of non-compliance, the Club may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

All overseas wins by clubs count as full status wins. All foreign and domestic victories while part of the Irish team, count towards change of status. The Chair of the Umpires Committee shall have discretion to designate certain overseas races with only two crews participating as private races which do not affect status. 

Note 1: Clubs planning on attending an Overseas Event must submit, at least ten days prior to the event, the relevant information to the Rowing Ireland office for each crew representing that club at that event. 

Note 2: Clubs are responsible for crews entered in Overseas events under the clubs name. It is presumed that such entries are placed by the club secretary, and that this authorisation form is submitted to Rowing Ireland through the Club Secretary. 

Note 3: Failure to inform Rowing Ireland, and receive the appropriate permission authorisation prior to the event may attract penalty(s) as set out below. Such penalties shall be levied on the club. Therefore, it is in the club’s interest to ensure entries are processed through appropriate channels, with appropriate oversight by club committees. 

Please enter crew details in the attached sheet(s) Overseas event: Any event held outside the auspices of Rowing Ireland. This includes regattas held elsewhere in Europe, USA, etc. Events include regattas, Heads of the River, and any other events conforming to FISA rules. 

Penalties: On first offence, a penalty, to be determined by the disciplinary officer, may be assessed against the club under whose name the crew is competing. In the case of composites, the club entering the composite name shall be deemed liable. Subsequent or repeated offences within the competition year may be referred to the disciplinary committee.  

Please send these forms and wins to either lucy.hanrahan@rowingireland.ie or events@rowingireland.ie