It is the final day of our Women in Rowing Week and today we shine the light on our Women in Coaching. 

As part of our Women in Sport Strategy, we highlighted gender diversity in coaching as a target area for Rowing Ireland. Our latest review of the coaching numbers has shown that, based on club reporting, river clubs have 33% female coaches and coastal have 43% female coaches in their coaching base. This percentage decreases along the pathway, with a drop-off at the level 2 and 3 qualifications. This will remain a target area for us for the next two years. 

Please find attached, as part of our strategy review, Rowing Ireland’s coaching snapshot for 2021.

Over the last year we have run a number of women in coaching initiatives:

  • HP Coaching Pathway has 6 coaches participating in a personal development workshop series with multi-sport coaches, technical workshops with our HP Director Antonio Maurogiovanni, visiting the NRC with the HP team and receiving cross sport mentoring.
  • Coach Development Workshop, saw 12 coaches attend an online workshop across three days, covering technique, training programmes and one-to-one coach development. The coaches have participated in a number of follow up workshops since then. 
  • 16 coaches have participated in LIFT leadership roundtables
  • 9 Regional Coaching Networks were established across the country, maintaining connection between the WiS Lead and the female coaches. 

For 2021/22, we look forward to building on these programmes and expanding their reach to support more female coaches along the pathway. 

For the last day of our Women in Rowing Week – we all at Rowing Ireland want to thank all rowing coaches for the great work they have done, throughout one of the toughest years, and we look forward to seeing you riverside/shoreside very soon.